Monday, October 26, 2009

Starting things off right.....

So the blog is officially started. I've been known to give alot of advice to youth and I figured since God has given me the ablility to identify with their problems and give them valid, substantial, and meaningful advice, I figure I may as well share it with others...So this is how this will work. You send me your questions on topics that concern you and I will try my best to answer them via written blog or video blog...Now mind you everything you may not agree  with. Its not meant to be factual just purely opinion. So please dont go on the record saying I'm on this thing telling lies. Lies are unknown facts stated. I'm giving PURE opinion.  So hit your girl up with your questions.  Untill then Love Life Life, Love Live YOU, Love Live Christ. PEACE

1 comment:

  1. i THINKS ITS GREAT THAT YOU'RE starting this blog. Its so many unheard voices with ground-shaking questions that are just afraid to be heard. Here's my first question
    So, I was raised in a Penticostal(sp) church from birth. We went maybe 5 days out of a 7day week. Do you think children who leave home that were raised with the same routine are more likely to stray away from the church due to a sheltered upbringing?