Thursday, October 29, 2009

Do you think children who leave home that were raised with the same routine are more likely to stray away from the church due to a sheltered upbringing?

I wanna thank visionary for the question asked. To answer you question. Yes I do believe that there is a strong likelihood that most children raised with a stong christian foundation will stray when given that freedom. I can speak from experience. I myself left the church when I moved away from my mother. I wanted to "experience life" and that I did. But the issue with going secular is that it is a life based on moments. The phrase living in the moment reigns true with that lifestyle. Everything is done in the moment but I found that it never impacts the future postively. Like getting drunk. In the moment of drunkeness is fun and youhavent a care in the world but then after you experience the negative which is the hangover adn maybe even the vomiting. I found that many times we run from that foundation we once were in just to find ourselves right back to it in the end. I tell many youth if you do wann "experience life" just know if God's hands is on your life you can never run tofar, because he will always bring you back. So yes they do stray but they end up right  back.
Untill next blog.. Love Live Life, Love Live Yourself, Love Live Christ

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