Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How to Greet each other? PLEASE READ

Okay first  to my Christian fellas who are pursuing a young lady, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE....(i feel like James Brown right now) Stop complimenting your lady with biblical content. Those are every so often type compliments not every time we converse.  I send a text that simply says Hey. You send me a novel back saying Hello my beautiful Virtuous Woman Of God who serves a God who sits high and looks low and created the birds the bees, the flowers and the trees. MY GOSH! the conversation is over with me after that. Its okay to be regular in conversation. No one is going to to think you are less of a Christian if you send me a simple Hello. I want start questioning your salvation.

Second, Why do you all get upset when you greet me with Praise The Lord and i say Hi. Praise the Lord to me is an action. You say Praise the Lord Im suppose to shout or wave my hand or say Hallelujah. Its just wierd and interesting to me that we have now made this a customary greeting in church.  Why? who started it?  Maybe I should look it up.  Maybe someone can answer that for me.....Untill next blog Love Live Life, Love Live Yourself, Love Live Christ...Peace

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