Monday, January 24, 2011


Pastor Sheryl Brady was live Lakeland, Fla at Without Walls with Pastor Paula White this past Friday on Jan 21, 2011. I must say, this is an awesome, powerful woman of God. She's in my top three of preachers I admire in the ministry. It was quite unfair how she had me looking so undignified in that beautiful edifice with the inspirational and anointed message she delivered. I was dressed in my "saved" attire trying to look deep, but when you mess around and get near some true anointing, you forget about everything including the day. The word that was given was entitled "Don't let life change your name" and I really felt like Sheryl had been following me all day the night before, because it seem like she was preaching on, about, and to me that night. God truly used this woman of God to bless not only me, but the whole house. You have got to experience the Sheryl Brady experience! If you wanna learn more about this woman of God, her schedules, and much more, you can visit her website truly blessed me and I know she will bless you as well.


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