Saturday, January 29, 2011

Be The Remnant and Come get Altared!!

The Southeastern University club Remnant Oasis/ The Altar Ministries kicked off its First meeting event in Johnson Chapel this past Thursday Jan 27. The club wanted to start the this year off right inviting all types of talent to come and partake in what ended up being an awesome experience. The night started  off with Jacob Tynes and his worship band leading us in high praise and worship. Then we were entertained with poetry, spoken word,  and dance by Caleb Berry. I had the privilege to partake as well, ministering in worship right before we had small group prayer. Overall the night was full of Prayer, Worship, Love, and Fellowship. This club is looking to not only reach the people on campus, but also the community outside of campus. Salvation is for everyone and this club is looking to share this ideal with everyone. To be apart of this wonderful movement or exercise your gift in one of the meetings please contact Kyshon Mitchell, Ruth Kelly, Giavante Griffin, or Damien Davis.

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  1. I see GREATER! GOD shall do even GREATER! Continue to avail yourself lil sis. There is NO LIMIT in GOD! We love you to LIFE!