Monday, January 24, 2011

I SMELL BABY POWDER???!! The Prophet Manasseh Jordan Experience

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay now that I got that out of my system, I can share. Prophet Manasseh Jordan joined Pastor Paula White this past weekend at Without Walls. This young, 20 yr old prophet has made me a believer all over again. Now I must say that I was not a fan of his father's ministry. If you are not aware of him, he is the son of Prophet E. Bernard Jordan or who I would like to call "The Gospel Psychic". So when I heard this was his son, I was very skeptical of him as well. But curiosity always leads me to be a witness to what is the truth. After, the first night which was full of name calling accuracy and shock awe, I was still left with the question, "God what is it that allows them to hear you so clear?" I was very sure I would not get the second opportunity to hear this young man again, but obviously God wanted me to receive my answer. We ended up going on Sunday as well and was truly awed by Gods power and anointing. God spoke to me clearly during his message and said " They have totally availed themselves to my way." And with me coming again, it allowed me to witness the result of it. The highlight of the night was when this young man began prophesying to this young lady concerning a baby and than all of sudden he spoke up and said "This section right here, you will began o smell baby powder." I happen to be one of the ones who were apart of that "section". I literally smelled baby powder in the atmosphere, I could not believe what I was experiencing. Now to most, they would probably read this and question this man of God and probably say " How dare he make a magic show of the anointing God has given him" But him doing that was only to assure, we the saints, that God is real and he is still doing what he did back in biblical days. I left Without Walls with a new found desire to seek after God like never before. And if a minister can cause that to happen to me, than they have accomplished the mission of Christ. If you wanna be blessed by this young man's ministry you can check out his website to get schedules, broadcasts, testimonials, and much more at Allow God to do a new thing in you through this young man of God!



  1. I have witness the move of God through him before. He's God ordained.

  2. It is amazing at how people can go mute when you speak good about the Prophet of God. Many bad things have been spoken about this young man, and everyone seemed interested in bad naming him, now that someone is stepping forward and speaking the truth, no one comes forth to comment. we thank you so much for your comment and God continue to bless you.

  3. Yes He is a true servant of God. We thank God to send His true Prophets in our time. Glory be to God.

  4. I was curious about him and his messages are positive. In fact, I'm tuned in his conference call as I type this and I LOVE IT :)

    God bless you ALL.